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About Vdeo-iQ

Vdeo-iQ provides the video, broadcast, and entertainment with a resource that allows for quick and efficient product research. This website provides product and marketing information from hundreds of manufacturers all in one easy-to-use location that allows end users to find product they need, create project lists and contact manufacturers directly for information on where to buy.

"Sony has been a part of the AV-iQ website for many years and we're excited to see that NewBay is expanding this platform to serve the broadcast market. Having a comprehensive portal for detailed product research creates efficiencies that help the entire industry."

Patricia Melendez, Director, Communications & Marketing/Sales Operations, Sony.

"The AV-iQ model has been a great supplement to our marketing efforts, giving us another avenue to communicate to a broad audience of end users and resellers. Having a resource that provides all of the latest in broadcast technology is a great addition to the industry."

John Shike, Vice President Business Development, Americas, Snell Advanced Media.

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